The Parish Ministries

The role of the Parish Ministers is to visit members that are sick or shut in and are in need of prayer and Communion. Parish Ministers are also available at request to aid members during their times of family emergencies and during the loss of a loved one.

Parish Ministers

revchambers elderbaltimore eldermcfaddin
St. Matthew Parish
Rev. Katherine V. Chambers, Minister
Last names: A-D, M-P, Q, U, X
St. James Parish
Rev. Chandey G. Baltimore, Minister
(Rev. Sherrie F. Dampeer, Summer)
Last names: E-H, R, T, V
St. Paul Parish
Rev. Corine S. McFaddin, Minister
Last names: I-L, S, W, Z, Y

If you are sick or shut in, or have a family emergency, please contact your Parish Minister directly or the church office to arrange visitation.

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